SpaceTalk: A Kid’s Phone Watch for Privacy


Tracking your kids will become more private, secure, and safe when SpaceTalk, a 3G, GPS-equipped phone-watch for communicating with your kids, releases in the United States or United Kingdom in late 2019.

The SpaceTalk kid-tracking watch features all the basics, such as a torch light, and weather forecasts. For many, the higher attention paid to privacy may prove a key selling point. SpaceTalk specifically designed their device to keep your kid’s data from being sent across the ocean to remote servers. But there’s a lot more going on than just privacy.

SpaceTalk Watch: Safety and Security

SpaceTalk comes with an application for ease of use.

The SpaceTalk app allows parents to remotely interface with their children through the smartwatch. It works like this, parents access the application in order to find their child’s whereabouts. If they want to update the watch’s firmware, they can also shoot off a remote update using the SpaceTalk application, which is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Battery Life
While the watch doesn’t come with a lot of applications by design, it also gets longer battery life than you might expect. The SpaceTalk watch gets around two-days of battery life. But users can stretch the battery life out even longer if they decrease the GPS polling rate.

SpaceTalk’s SOS Button

Like many assistive technologies for kids (and equally appropriate for seniors), the SpaceTalk watch also permits the user to emit a SOS distress call through triggering a special button on the side of the watch. The SOS button works like similar devices. All the child needs to do is press the button and the SpaceTalk watch fires out a call, SMS, and notification to a pre-approved list of contacts.

SpaceTalk Watch Cost and Availability
The SpaceTalk watch is already available in Australia and New Zealand. It should release in the United States and elsewhere before the end of the year. The price in the UK will be GBP 199. It’s currently selling for 349 in Australian dollars.


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