You Can Now Listen to Apple Music on the Web


Apple Music now has a web player. This means that if you’re an Apple Music subscriber you can listen to Apple Music on the web on any device with an internet connection. And all without having to install either iTunes or the standalone Music app.

Apple Music Catches Up With Spotify
Apple first launched Apple Music in 2015. Since then the streaming music service has gained a host of fans, with the number of subscribers increasing every year. And while it isn’t yet as popular as Spotify, it’s certainly Spotify’s biggest competition.

Apple Music and Spotify differ in a number of ways. The lack of a free Apple Music option being the most obvious. There’s also the fact that Spotify has offered a web player since 2013. But now, finally, Apple is bringing Apple Music to the web as well.

How to Listen to Apple Music on the Web
To listen to Apple Music on the web, just head to As the URL suggests, the Apple Music web player is currently in beta, but it works absolutely fine. All you need to do is sign in with your Apple ID and you can then start streaming music.

Apple Music’s web player looks almost exactly like the standalone Apple Music app being launched alongside macOS Catalina later this year. You’ll be able to play any song in the Apple Music catalog, access your playlists, and listen to radio stations.

Apple is suggesting that this is just the core set of features for now, but that the company will be adding more functionality over time. This is, after all, just a beta. Which is why Apple will also be soliciting feedback from users during the testing phase.

The Apple Music Tips Everyone Should Know
Bringing Apple Music to the web effectively makes Apple Music platform-agnostic. Now, people can use Apple Music on any device, regardless of which operating system it’s running, and all without the need to install iTunes or a custom-built app.

Apple is even promising to allow new users to sign up for Apple Music through the website, but that isn’t possible at the moment. Still, if that option attracts new users to the streaming music service, here are the Apple Music tips all users need to know.


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